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Wet Scrubbers

EnviroAir designs custom wet scrubber systems including venturi scrubbers and packed bed scrubbers. We specialize in turnkey installations of environmental air systems and can provide single source responsibility for the design, fabrication, installation and startup of your wet scrubber system.

Venturi scrubbers are designed to remove particulate from exhaust air streams. They offer the advantages of being able to handle high temperature or moisture laden gases while reducing the dust problem resulting from disposing of collected dust. In venturi scrubbers, particulate laden air is passed through a venturi tube to which water is added at the throat. In spite of the relatively short contact time, the extreme turbulence in the venturi promotes impaction between the wetted dust particles and the flooding water. The wetted particles and droplets are then collected in either a cyclone or chevron style separator. Recirculation of the water is possible with a custom designed recirculation tank.

Packed bed scrubbers are designed to neutralize gases and odors produced during the manufacturing process. Usually, the flow through a packed bed scrubber is countercurrent, with liquid introduced at the top to flow down through the packing, while gas is introduced at the bottom to flow upward through the packing. The packing is designed to produce a large surface area for the liquid to contact the solute gas. Chemicals can be metered into the recirculation water in order to aid in the neutralization process.

Venturi Scrubber
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