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Venturi Scrubbers

EnviroAir can provide a venturi scrubber to remove dust from the exhaust air. Our venturi scrubber has a wetted wall venturi eliminating both the wet/dry interface region where buildup often occurs, and the atomizing spray nozzles that are susceptible to plugging. The dust-laden air and water are accelerated in the converging section of the venturi. The water is atomized in the venturi throat and the dust particles collide with and are absorbed by the water droplets.

In a normal profile scrubber, the exhaust air and dust-laden water droplets enter a cyclonic separator through a tangential inlet. The tangential inlet causes the flow to spin through the separator towards the top discharge. The heavy dust-laden water droplets are thrown to the separator wall by centrifugal force where they collect and coalesce. This liquid slurry runs down the separator wall to the bottom drain or integral recirculation tank. The clean exhaust air is discharged out the top of the separator.

Optional Packages

EnviroAir also can provide a low profile design. Instead of a cyclonic separator, this design uses a series of chevron mist eliminators to remove the dust laden water droplets from the airstream. This scrubber design permits locating the scrubber in low head room areas. This low profile design will be slightly more expensive and will require more maintenance than a venturi scrubber with cyclonic separator.

This low profile venturi scrubber is removing dust from 46,000-cfm of air exhausted from a paper machine.

Venturi Scrubber
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