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Advancements Made to Paper Trap Technology

EnviroAir Improves on Patented System

Eagle, Wi - January 20, 2012 - Wisconsin based, EnviroAir, Inc. recently introduced improvements to their patented, self-cleaning paper trap. The paper trap captures tissue broke collected at our dust capture hoods and floor sweeps to prevent the tissue broke from plugging downstream dust collectors.

EnviroAir saw the need for further improvements when they discovered newer tissue grades were not cleaning as well from paper trap media.

The new paper trap improvements include a re-engineered media design with larger openings and new blow-off nozzle design to enhance the strength air jets in the system.

New Rotary Borings Dryer Released

EnviroAir Designs Solution for Small Foundries and Metal Recyclers

Eagle, WI - November 22, 2011- Turnkey environmental firm, EnviroAir, Inc. today announced new technology to meet the demands of smaller foundries and metal recyclers. The Model BD-5 Rotary Borings Dryer has the capacity to dry and de-oil 5 cubic feet/hr of metal chips from a variety of machining operations.

The company has already slated the first system to be developed for a brass foundry that had previously purchased EnviroAir Thermal Sand Reclamation Systems.

"We’re pleased that these new product ideas generated from our advanced technology group have led to this important new development", stated EnviroAir President, Douglas Stenz. "The systems being developed by EnviroAir will address the growing concern for meeting the challenging environmental regulatory demands".

As part of the project, EnviroAir also engineered a comprehensive Air Quality Control System developed to treat exhaust gases from the Rotary Borings Dryer. The equipment includes a compact, high-efficiency cyclone for particulate control and a compact recuperative thermal oxidizer for destruction of oil vapor in the exhaust gases.

Wisconsin Engineering Firm Delivers Advanced Technology to Mexico

Mexican Aluminum Castings Foundry Selects EnviroAir Rotary Borings Systems

Eagle, WI - November 22, 2011- Wisconsin based EnviroAir, Inc. recently announced the shipment of its new Rotary Borings Dryer system to an aluminum castings foundry in Mexico that services the automotive industry.

The Model BD-300 has the capacity to dry and de-oil 10,000 lbs/hr of aluminum chips from machining operations enabling them to be safely remelted in the foundry. This is the second BD-300 Rotary Borings Dryer that EnviroAir has supplied to this customer.

EnviroAir also furnished the auxiliary equipment required for a complete chip processing system including conveyors, bucket elevators, chip wringers, chip storage silo, magnetic separator and vibratory fines separator. Also provided was an advanced Air Quality Control System for treating the exhaust gases from the rotary borings dryer. This system included a recuperative thermal oxidizer for destroying the oil vapor in the exhaust gases and equipment for capturing particulate in the exhaust gases.