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Tissue Dust Collection

EnviroAir Inc. specializes in turnkey installations of tissue dust collection and trim collection systems for paper machines and tissue, towel, or napkin converting lines.

Rotary Retort Furnaces & Dryers

Our systems include the necessary air quality control equipment to meet EPA and local air quality control standards.

Thermal Oxidizers

EnviroAir designs custom thermal oxidizer systems including direct fired, recuperative thermal, or regenerative oxidizers.

Wet Scrubbers

EnviroAir designs custom wet scrubber systems including venturi scrubbers and packed bed scrubbers.


EnviroAir Inc. specializes in turnkey installations of air pollution control systems and Rotary process furnaces.

We can provide single source responsibility for the design, fabrication, installation, and startup of your system.

Originally, EnviroAir's products and services centered around providing custom industrial air pollution control systems to reduce atmospheric pollutants and improve indoor air quality in the most efficient way possible. In 2003, EnviroAir purchased the assets of CORECO®, a rotary process furnace manufacturer active in producing calciners, chip dryers, sand reclamation furnaces, and rotary melting furnaces. We believe that combining pioneering rotary process furnace designs with innovative pollution control and heat recovery methods results in optimum system designs for our customers.

EnviroAir labors to set new standards of engineering innovation while constantly striving to achieve the highest standards of performance from our existing designs. To aid in their efforts, EnviroAir maintains a pilot test facility that includes in its assemblage a thermal oxidizer, venturi scrubber, packed bed scrubber, and a rotary process furnace.